General Information

Zones & Zone Coordinators

The Garden Clubs of Australia has a network of Zone Coordinators who provide support to garden clubs, societies and community gardens, They are supported by two Zone Directors who are also board members. The North East Zones Director organises & manages NSW, ACT and Queensland. The South West Zones Director brings together Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Each Zone Coordinator has an area or Zone they manage -assisting with the exchange of information, assisting in the formation of new clubs, helping to arrange information and friendship days, attending club meetings to provide information, or even acting as Returning Officer at an AGM.


Full details about membership are available on the Membership Affiliation page. If you wish to join us or discuss it further phone 0407 702 879 or email the Membership Secretary, Jacqui Bateman.

GCA Insurance

The GCA offers insurance through Trident Insurance. Full details are available on the GCA Insurance page or contact our Insurance Officer Eric Bateman email or telephone 0424 430 844, for further information.

Photo Competition

Affiliated club members have a chance to showcase their camera skills. Generous prizes are on offer from many different categories including a Junior’s Section. Results and winning photos are published in the GCA’s Our Gardens magazine. Full details, application forms and a selection of winners and Highly recommended are on the Photo Competition web page.

Locate a Club

Locate a Club lists Garden Club of Australia affiliates by States and Territories. Go to the LOCATE A CLUB web page and you will see where other GCA Affiliated Clubs are to be found in your region. Further enquiries are through the Membership Secretary Jacqui Bateman by clicking on Jacqui’s email.

Bulletin and Publicity

Updates and information are distributed to your GCA Affiliated Garden Club via the email, or for the latest go to the Bulletin Page or email our Communications Officer, Lynn Faux. Our Publicity Officer can offer assistance on all things promoting our GCA Affiliates by email.


Our awards scheme offers two ways to recognise your club and individual members. A medallion that is paid for and presented by individual club, societies or community gardens and the Annual Awards presented at the AGM. Go to the AWARDS web page to see more details.

Education and the Future of your Club

We have a range of training packages to assist clubs with changing governance, committees and technology.

Incorporating your Club or Association

Click here for how to start the process of incorporating your club or association