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Should you have changed details of your Email address, please notify MEMBERSHIP of the change as Account and Certificates of Currency are due to be emailed before the end of April. Also take the opportunity to complete a FORM 4 updating your Committee details. Thank you.

MEMBERSHIP (Affiliation) to The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc, is available to any garden club or gardening oriented organisation.

The Forms you need to get started just click on each to download:

1. Form A Application for Affiliation;

2. Form B Direct Debit Request

To become Affiliated with The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc, please email our Membership Secretary Jacqui or telephone Jacqui on 0407 702 879 and it will be promptly actioned.

Do not use Form 4 for the initial Affiliation process. Jacqui has the answers so call Jacqui on 0424 430 844 for all enquiries

The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc (GCA) is an umbrella organisation established to provide encouragement and support for the many autonomous local garden clubs functioning throughout Australia.

Over 750 clubs are affiliated with the GCA and many community gardens are included. The majority of affiliates are Gardening organisations formed by people with a love of gardening, principally their own gardens, to share and further their experience.
Not all of the Affiliated members are Incorporated, so that is not a compulsory requirement when forming your Club or joining the GCA.

In recent years, Community Gardens have also joined in numbers, because of the excellent insurance available.
This is a significant part of our support as the provision of gardening activities for your members. This is affordable insurance at a national level which otherwise local clubs would find prohibitive to afford.

The GCA provides help and assistance in setting up and the running of a club if required, and the benefits are listed below. A wonderful GCA Convention is held every two years in different locations around Australia, the last in Norfolk (2019) and the next in Townsville in 2021 which will be a terrific chance to meet with Gardeners from all over Australia and have a wonderful holiday in a beautiful tropical setting.

For further information and enquiries email the GCA Secretary.

Benefits of Affiliation

The GCA’s Website

We keep your details up-to-date on our LOCATE A CLUB page which is listed by States and Territories. We can also can enter your events on our website’s DIARY DATES page.

Our Gardens Magazine

Each Affiliated Club receives a copy of The GCA’s quarterly beautiful OUR GARDENS magazine. Additional copies can be ordered for members to enjoy. Let us know about of your Club’s public events and we can place them in the Magazine’s Diary Dates.

Free Photo Competition

There is a ‘no fee’ PHOTO COMPETITION page that offers affiliated club members a chance to show off their camera skills from anywhere they have been in Australia or overseas. Generous prizes are on offer from many different categories including a Junior’s Section. This supervised by Paul who has been a professional photographer for many years and a GCA Committee member.

GCA Awards

Many clubs have members who make incredible contributions to their activities and the local community. The GCA reward these wonderful gardening people through our AWARDS scheme.
It is also an acknowledgement of those who have contributed to The Garden Club of Australia’s role in our wonderful and diverse Australian Gardening Community.

GCA Insurance

The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc provide terrific Insurance Cover options related to the gardening activities of the members of your Club. For more INSURANCE INFORMATION with a comprehensive list of Questions & Answers CLICK HERE.
Alternatively EMAIL Eric or telephone Eric on 0424 430 844.


There is a CALENDAR available each year and you can submit a photograph from your Club or a Club member, which will be considered for inclusion in the coming year’s Calendar.
Visit the page to see timelines etc.


BULLETIN is distributed to your club via email updating important Form updates and general information specific to our gardening world.

Zone Coordinators

The GCA has Zone Coordinators allocated to your region of Australia who can provide valuable information, advice and assistance personally to you or visit the Club for a presentation. Directors who are listed in CONTACT US page of the website.

Education and The Future of Your Club

What are you doing to assure the Future of your club? Let us help.
Have a look at our EDUCATION page.
Click HERE to EMAIL our Secretary for more information & advice.