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There is now a new format that is being employed by Lynne Fauxs in her role as the Communications Officer.
Lynne is providing a GCA Bulletin featuring administrative information and may also prepare a separate GCA Newsletter.


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PROFILE: John Kitt
GCA Planning Officer

Prior to retirement I had extensive experience in teaching and teacher related activities in Queensland and Tasmania.

I have eclectic interests in gardening and am a Member of the Queensland Rose Society, a vegetable gardener and am fascinated with growing indoor plants and ferns from spores. I began to learn to garden differently on moving to Tasmania and redeveloped two established gardens in Hobart over time. I have learned to grow different plants, shrubs and vegetables at different times of the year to the sub-tropics and have had a reasonable measure of success at growing tomatoes to produce fruit just after Christmas. In this cooler climate I have also developed an interest in growing rock garden plants and have been a member of the Scottish Rock Garden Club and the Alpine Garden Society. We have recently down-sized and I have begun the process of building a small garden from scratch on the bones of my previous vegetable garden, rose garden and small orchard.

I served as the President, Lenah Valley Garden Club for 6 years and after a year of rest have again joined the club’s committee.

I am strongly committed to the opportunities offered through Garden Clubs of Australia to serve the needs of garden clubs across all Australian states and territories. I enjoy exploring alternative approaches to delivering services to affiliates as well as new services in a technologically changing world. My wife and I have reached temporary rapprochement on the subject of my gardening interests. Dirt under the fingernails is an anathema to her, however, she genuinely appreciates the fruits of my gardening efforts.

PROFILE: Eric Bateman
GCA Web Administrator

Eric has been the ‘Web’ member of the GCA for 5 years since the end of 2015.

He is currently a member of seven clubs in Perth Western Australia, including Secretary of Solitaire African Violets & Gesneriads Inc and he edits the Simply Solitaire Newsletter for the Group.
Eric is a member of four Orchid Clubs; a committee member of the Midland Friendly Garden Club and the Rose Society of WA where he also did the editor’s job for a year. Eric also served as President and Treasurer of AVS-WA over a 5 year period, and started that Society’s web site. He also edited the AVS-WA’s Violet Talk newsletter during that period 2011 to 2017.
He is strongly committed and passionate about promoting Garden Cubs in any format and is pleased to help and promote and assist any Affiliated Club through Garden Clubs of Australia.
His wife is a passionate grower of outdoor and indoor plants and is currently the Zone Coordinator of Perth North.
Eric can be contacted by emailing