The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc’s Insurance


Affiliated member clubs have access to comprehensive and competitive insurance policies under The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc’s Group Insurance Scheme.

The Insurance Scheme offers the following policies for an Affiliate’s members;

• Public and Products Liability
• Personal Accident Insurance

These policies are effective Australia wide.

The Insurance Certificate of Currency provides your Affiliated Club’s members coverage from 30th April each year for 12 months to the 30th April the following year.

Please refer to the Summary of Covers information sheet for a summary of each of these policies.

Certificate of Currency

Payment is directly debited each April before a current Certificate of Currency is emailed to the GCA’s Affiliated Group’s main contact.

Public & Products Liability

This policy indemnifies The Garden Clubs of Australia and all affiliated Clubs against negligence claims bought against them by third parties for personal injury or property damage as a direct result of the clubs’ activities.

The policy extends to include property owners cover in respect of open gardens held at a member’s home, where the property owners’ home insurance policy does not provide cover, because of the insured activity, whether or not a fee is charged. Subject to the property owner being a member of an affiliated club.

For full information on this policy, please refer to the following documents;
• Broadform Liability Insurance Group Policy Wording
Client Schedule of Insurance

Personal Accident – Voluntary Workers

The policy provides benefits in the event of death, incapacity of a member, resulting from an accident whilst the member is engaged in voluntary work on behalf of their Club. Including direct uninterrupted travel to & from such activities. For full information on this policy, please refer to the following documents;
Policy Schedule Voluntary Workers
DUAL Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance PDS & Policy Wording
Client Schedule of Insurance

How to Report an Incident

The FAQs section further down this page explains some of the instances that could occur.


 Please Complete the following information 


A. DO NOT make any public statements or admit fault of any kind. B. DO NOT offer to pay for any expenses incurred.


Is the person a financial member of the club

What outward signs were visible in the person?

Normal *
Visible Injury *
In Pain *
Distressed *
the person show any signs of being affected by alcohol and/or drugs? *

For incidents occurring on premises.

Was the accident caused by any foreign matter on the floor? *

• Where possible photograph the place of accident as soon after the incident notating place and time on the rear of photo. • All documentation of the incident must be kept in a safe place for 8 years (or whatever your state limitations are).

Once completed keep this form as your club’s record and send a copy to: 

GCA Insurance 27 Westmorland Drive LEEMING WA 6149 

Or send a scanned copy to 

Mobile 0424 430 844 


You must report any claims made against you and all developments made known to you to the insurer at once and forward any correspondence, unanswered, immediately upon receipt. Likewise any legal proceedings seeking damages such as Writ, Summons, and Statement of Claim should be forwarded to the insurer immediately they are received. 

How to Opt-in to the Group Insurance Scheme

To opt-in to the Group Insurance Scheme each club must complete the following form:


 During February/March 2023 you will receive an Insurance Notice from the GCA for the premium due for your insurance cover for 2023/2024 (4.00pm 30th April 2023 to 4.00pm 30th April 2024). 

 In order that the correct amount is shown on your notice, it is necessary for the GCA to receive your TOTAL MEMBERSHIP number as of 19th February 2023. This number should include all your members you want covered by the GCA Insurance – Members, Life Members, Social Members, Junior Members, Joint Members. NOTE: Insurance invoices will be forwarded in March/April 2023, payment will be debited on or about 21st April 2023. 

When you receive your Certificate of Currency, advise your Club Committee where it is filed and perhaps send the electronic copy to other Executive Committee members. 



Please indicate if your club holds large commercial events, for which an additional premium may be required

*A large commercial event is defined as one where more than 1000 non-members attend over the life of the event. Separate cover must be obtained for these events each year. The relevant application form can be found on the GCA web site ( or can be posted on request.

Press submit button below once complete.

Otherwise email completed form to:

Or print and post to: Director of Insurance, The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. 1 Addington Street, Burdell, Qld, 4818

Once complete email as an attachment to:

or post to

Director of Insurance, The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc
1 Addington Street,
Burdell, Qld, 4818

Other Important Insurance Documents

Trident Insurance Group Pty Ltd (ABN 81 066 347 224), is The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc’s insurance broker who holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSLN 237360) which authorises them to provide financial product advice in relation to general insurance products.

Please read Trident’s Financial Services Guide (FSG), as its purpose is to help you decide whether to use the financial services they provide. It outlines the types of services they offer, as well as explains how they are remunerated for these services.

If you have a complaint about the products or services that Trident has provided, please refer to their Complaints Procedure.

• Association Liability Insurance download
• Privacy Policy download
• Insurance 2 Trident Underwriting Broadform Liability Insurance download
• Policy Schedule Voluntary Workers download

Certificate of Currency Replacement

Please keep your Certificate of Currency as there is a $20 processing fee for replacements. If you need a replacement Certificate of Currency, please complete the form below.
GCA Request for Replacement of Insurance Certificate – Form 5.

No certificates of Cover for Insurance (Certificate of Currency) will be posted. All Certificates of Cover will be emailed to the current Contact of your gardening organisation as listed in The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc’s database. Please keep multiple copies in separate secure folders with the Secretary, Treasurer and/or President. Please ensure your email details are up-to-date with our Membership Secretary.

Current Director of Insurance

Director of Insurance, Martin Boorer can be contacted for further details, email telephone 0404 163 678.

Townsville Convention 2022

Belinda Caunt Insurance Presentation. Click on the image below to view.

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

When you enter any contract you must make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Many contracts will contain an insurance section and or indemnity conditions. Never sign a contract that either imposes additional liability on your Garden Club or limits liability upon others. You will breach the Garden Clubs policy terms and conditions. Always seek professional legal advice before entering into any contract.

No. Group Personal Accident & Public / Products Liability are the only Insurance policies.

You will need to complete an Event Form and forward to GCA’s Insurance Officer.The application will be reviewed by the GCA Insurance Broker to decide if an extra premium is charged for these events. Please note, when estimating your number of attendees do not include the members attending from the hosting club.

Due to the amount of attendee’s, the risk of an incident occurring becomes greater, the more people, the higher the risk.

The Public/Products Liability policy will cover the liability associated with the display. Be mindful that Shopping Centres may ask to have a contract signed to allow the use of their premises. Refer to question 1.

Provided it is a GCA &/or an Affiliated Club Show, the Public/Products Liability policy will cover the liability associated with the exhibition.

No, The GCA’s policies have a common annual due date which is 30th April each year.

No. Each year you are asked to declare you member numbers in December. Once declared, the premium is based on that declaration for the year even though your membership may increase or decrease during the year.

“Garden Clubs of Australia is not offering blanket Directors and Officers Insurance protection owing to the complex nature of the application and the limited number of clubs that have expressed interest”
We have however secured detail of suitable coverage through our brokers, Trident and the product information sheet show here explains the coverage provided.
There is also an information sheet at Trident forms here which is detailed and should be forwarded to Belinda Caunt whose contact details are on the Information sheet.
Should you prefer you can arrange similar insurance coverage through your own contacts.

The activities of the GCA have been described to the Insurer as: To extend knowledge throughout the community of gardening, horticulture and its uses, and garden design; To promote and encourage various aspects of community based horticulture activities; To educate the public in the protection and conservation of our natural resources; To contribute to, encourage and participate in activities assisting Botanic Gardens and other like-minded horticultural institutions; To develop and co-ordinate the education of affiliated members of GCA and like minded organisations; To co-operate with other agencies to further the interests of horticulture and conservation; To promote and encourage areas of floral art; To encourage assistance to charities; To be non-political and non-sectarian in all undertakings.

It provides legal liability coverage associated with the sale of goods.

No. This is a group policy and coverage cannot be altered for one individual club.

Yes. Public / Product Liability has a $500 excess for each and every claim or series of claims arising from the one occurrence. The Personal Accident policy has a $50 excess for all medical expenses claims.

They are not covered by the Group Personal Accident policy as this is for members only. However should a guest be injured as a result of an accident at a GCA function, and which is due to the Garden Club’s negligence, then the club would seek protection from the Public/Products Liability policy from this action.

Yes the Group Personal Accident has an age limit of 100 years. Refer to the policy schedule for limitations and restrictions on cover.

No. In terms of the definition of The Insured on the GCA insurance policies, all Clubs wishing to be insured should be DIRECTLY affiliated to the GCA and not form part of a group that does not exercise active management or control, as provided for under the Corporations Law, over them.

The voluntary members personal accident only provides cover to those who are working in a voluntary capacity for the club.

This policy does not have a minimum age, however the benefits payable to insured persons under eighteen (18) years of age for Section 1 – Lump Sum insured event 1 will be limited to $25,000.

Association Liability

Trident Insurance Group can also arrange an Association Liability policy for The Garden Clubs Australia Inc’s Affiliate members.

Association Liability cover is not provided/included within the policies arranged by the Garden Clubs of Australian. If you wish to receive a quote and/or discuss this cover in further detail contact Trident Insurance Group directly on (08) 9202 8000 or email

Association Liability Insurance is a combined policy specifically designed for associations and nonprofit organisations. Over the years there has been increase in the number of associations and non profit organisations created to meet a wide variety of community needs.

Despite best intentions, many of these organisations and their officers have found themselves at risk of expensive litigation arising from the provision of services to their members or to the public. Due to the increased risk of litigation against associations, non profit organisations and their officers, increased litigation costs and corporate governance requirements, Insureds cannot take the risk of operating without the security of property cover.

The policy provides protection to the individual office bearers and the association against wrongful acts in the management of the association, employment practices liability and fidelity. In addition the policy also provides coverage to the association against claims for financial loss arising out of a breach of professional duty by the association.

Association Liability Flyer
Event Proposal Document


We advise that the above information does not take into consideration your personal circumstances, specific objectives or needs and The Garden Clubs of Australia are not authorised to provide you financial advice. Please consider the Policy Wordings and Financial Services Guide before deciding if these products are right for you. If you have any queries or would like financial advice, please contact Trident Insurance Group on (08) 9202 8000