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A very competitive and favourable insurance policy under The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc Master Insurance Scheme is available to affiliated member clubs. The insurance Scheme offers Public Liability, Product Liability and Accident Insurance for its members, and is legal and effective across all Australian States and Territories.  All forms for Insurance are listed there as is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Insurance Officer

Our Insurance Officer can be contacted for further details, email David Gemmell or telephone 02 6554 2269.

Our Gardens Magazine


Our Gardens is the quarterly magazine of the Garden Clubs of Australia Inc and each issue features articles by well-known garden writers and regular contributors on plant cultivation, garden history, flower arranging, book reviews and horticultural events.
The magazine is available to members of affiliated clubs through their own club secretary but is also available by direct subscription.
Enquiries are welcome from potential advertisers of products of interest to gardeners or flower arrangers etc. For further information click here.


The website provides information about Garden Clubs of Australia including a list of all affiliated member clubs. Seasonal Tips are provided on a regular basis, and the “Diary Dates” page details coming events. The “Links” page lists interesting sites to visit, and the “Sales” page provides a list of items that may be purchased through the GCA. The website is updated at least weekly by the GCA webmaster. If you want something on your club highlighted send in a few images and/or a tale or two about what your club’s up to these days. It is a great chance to see what others are doing in our Gardening world.


Every two years (in the odd years) the GCA holds a Convention at a different location in Australia. The Convention runs for about 5 days and includes the GCA AGM for that year. The Convention provides an opportunity for members of affiliated clubs and their friends and families to enjoy socialising and visiting many interesting attractions at the location. Affiliated clubs can tender to organise a Convention and will receive complete support from the GCA. For details and enquiries contact the GCA Secretary. or click here for the PDF

National Register of Judges

The Garden Clubs of Australia has a list of Judges from most States. Our Coordinator’s duties are to:
To encourage the development of judges and judging in all aspects on behalf of The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc and to support the conducting of judge’s training schools whenever there is seen to be a need and there are personnel qualified and willing to conduct a school.

  • Maintain the Judges Register and ensure it is current.
  • Re register all judges every two years ensuring information is correct.
  • The period for judges expires on 31st December every two years and a fee is determined by the GCA committee at the April meeting after discussion so that the fees charged to judges cover all costs incurred in running this service.
  • Renewal Invoices are sent out no later than 1st November every second year.
  • Where necessary the Judges Registrar may offer a pro-rata fee where qualifying judges fall outside the set period for registration.
  • Handle all requests and enquiries to the GCA Judges Registrar from judges, clubs and others promptly.
  • Ensure the integrity of all information held by the Judges Registrar on behalf of the GCA.
  • Keep a register of all judging events.
  • Prepare a written report for every GCA committee meeting.
  • Ensure all judge’s training schools are run correctly, liaise with the Tutor and/or Coordinator ensuring that all costs are covered and the course will break even but not at a loss.
  • Supply paperwork for courses if required.
  • Make available to judges, Zone Coordinators, Trainers and others requesting them copies of the re printed booklets A Guide For Judges Of Garden Competitions, and Guidelines For Stewards.
  • Ensure that our web page contains up to date information about judging, judges schools and any other suitable information.

Chair a Judge’s meeting as part of a GCA Convention and on the AGM day of the alternate year to share ideas and answer questions that may arise and offer solutions.
Click on the respective States for a list of Judges:

New South Wales
South Australia

Shire Councils, Clubs and other organisations that hold garden or flower competitions may obtain information from the GCA judges list including names of available judges, by contacting the Judges Registrar. There are over 50 judges and convenors from judging associations listed, giving competition organisers a range of skills and qualifications to choose from. Affilated clubs can obtain their own complete list of Registered Judges.

Judges Courses are arranged periodically through the GCA to train potential garden judges from members of Affiliated clubs.