A very competitive and favourable insurance policy under The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc’s Master Insurance Scheme is available to affiliated member clubs. The insurance Scheme offers Public Liability, Product Liability and Accident Insurance for its members, and is legal and effective across all Australian States and Territories. All forms for Insurance are listed there as is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Insurance Officer

Our Insurance Officer can be contacted for further details, email Eric Bateman or telephone 0407 702 879.

Insurance Questions and Answers

The activities of the GCA have been described to the Insurer as: To extend knowledge throughout the community of gardening, horticulture and its uses, and garden design; To promote and encourage various aspects of community based horticulture activities; To educate the public in the protection and conservation of our natural resources; To contribute to, encourage and participate in activities assisting Botanic Gardens and other like-minded horticultural institutions; To develop and co-ordinate the education of affiliated members of GCA and like minded organisations; To co-operate with other agencies to further the interests of horticulture and conservation; To promote and encourage areas of floral art; To encourage assistance to charities; To be non-political and non-sectarian in all undertakings.
It provides legal liability coverage associated with the sale of goods.
No. This is a group policy and coverage cannot be altered for one individual club.
Yes. Public / Product Liability has a $500 excess for each and every claim or series of claims arising from the one occurrence. The Personal Accident policy has a $50 excess for all medical expenses claims.
They are not covered by the Group Personal Accident policy as this is for members only. However should a guest be injured as a result of an accident at a GCA function, and which is due to the Garden Club’s negligence, then the club would seek protection from the Public/Products Liability policy from this action.
Yes the Group Personal Accident has an age limit of 100 years. Refer to the policy schedule for limitations and restrictions on cover.

Insurance Questions and Answers (contd.)

When you enter any contract you must make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Many contracts will contain an insurance section and or indemnity conditions. Never sign a contract that either imposes additional liability on your Garden Club or limits liability upon others. You will breach the Garden Clubs policy terms and conditions. Always seek professional legal advice before entering into any contract.
No. Group Personal Accident & Public / Products Liability are the only Insurance policies.
You will need to complete an Event Form and forward to Trident Broking. There may be an extra premium charged for these events. Please note, when estimating your number of attendees do not include the members attending from the hosting club.
Due to the amount of attendee’s, the risk of an incident occurring becomes greater, the more people, the higher the risk.
The Public/Products Liability policy will cover the liability associated with the display. Be mindful that Shopping Centres may ask to have a contract signed to allow the use of their premises. Refer to question 1.
Provided it is a GCA &/or an Affiliated Club Show, the Public/Products Liability policy will cover the liability associated with the exhibition.

No, The GCA’s policies have a common annual due date which is 30th April each year.

No. Each year you are asked to declare you member numbers in December. Once declared, the premium is based on that declaration for the year even though your membership may increase or decrease during the year.

“Garden Clubs of Australia is not offering blanket Directors and Officers Insurance protection owing to the complex nature of the application and the limited number of clubs that have expressed interest”
We have however secured detail of suitable coverage through our brokers, Trident and the product information sheet show here explains the coverage provided.
There is also an information sheet at Trident forms here which is detailed and should be forwarded to Belinda Caunt whose contact details are on the Information sheet.
Should you prefer you can arrange similar insurance coverage through your own contacts.
Regards GCA Insurance Officer  

No. In terms of the definition of The Insured on the GCA insurance policies, all Clubs wishing to be insured should be DIRECTLY affiliated to the GCA and not form part of a group that does not exercise active management or control, as provided for under the Corporations Law, over them.


GCA Convention

Every two years (in the odd years) the GCA holds a Convention at a different location in Australia.
The Convention runs for about 5 days and includes the GCA AGM for that year.
The Convention provides an opportunity for members of affiliated clubs and their friends and families to enjoy socialising and visiting many interesting attractions at the location.
Affiliated clubs can tender to organise a Convention and will receive complete support from the GCA.
For details and enquiries contact the GCA Secretary.
For details of the 2022 Convention being held at Townsville in Queensland’s beautiful tropical North, CLICK HERE.

Our Gardens Magazine

Our Gardens is the quarterly magazine of the Garden Clubs of Australia Inc and each issue features articles by well-known garden writers and regular contributors on plant cultivation, garden history, flower arranging, book reviews and horticultural events.
The magazine is available to members of affiliated clubs through their own club secretary but is also available by direct subscription.
Articles and accompanying photographs are most welcome from our Affiliated Clubs on gardening related subjects from every State in Australia.
Enquiries are welcome from potential advertisers of products of interest to gardeners or flower arrangers etc.
For further information click here.