The Garden Clubs of Australia invite you to seek information in this Resources Menu and provides you with the relevant areas of our endeavours. This Home Page brings you information from many areas of our role to keep our Affiliated Clubs and others visitors to this website informed of what we can do for you.
In the section to the right of this page are 7 very important documents which represent the views of the GCA. There will be additional documents of interest added.
Please take time to peruse them. Contact our Publicity and Resources member by clicking on this email link.
This Resource Menu also contains links to the following pages:

Our Gardens Magazine – A wonderful array of gardening stories, beautiful photographs and important Diary Dates over the next three months, designed for you so that you can order a hard copy (or copies) for yourself, your friends or your club members.

The Photo Competition – This a wonderful opportunity to show your abilities as a photographer and is free. It also offers you a chance to submit photographs on behalf of your Affiliated Club for the GCA’s beautiful Annual Calendar.

Education – This a well researched area that offers those in Clubs around Australia ideas to improve what they do and can do for their respective members.

The GCA Bulletin – Topics of interest and updating the latest events in our gardening world.

Links – If you are seeking information on any area of Gardening, there is so much on the Web and our Links Page endeavours to do just that. Link you to bona fide sites that will provide you with what you might be seeking. If you have found one that is not on our Links Page then contact us and we can include it on the list.

Important Resource Documents

Click on the link to view the 2018 Annual Report

Click on each of the following SEVEN documents to view or download these very important subjects concerning our Gardening World in Australia:

  1. Biosecurity Australia’s System
  2. Biosecurity Navigating the System
  3. Fertilisers and Nutrients Guide
  4. Soil Management and Development
  5. Water in the Garden
  6. Invasive Weeds
  7. A year to celebrate plants
  8. Environmental Warriors (coming soon).

To contact our Publicity and Resources member for more details, click on this email link.