Pictorial Calendar 2022


GARDEN CLUBS WALL PLANNER 2022 still available

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10281 Garden Club Centre Spread Winners 2021 340x484mm_FINAL LR

Further enquiries can be obtained by contacting Paul Lucas’ email.

Pictorial Calendar

Recently your Gardening Group was sent an electronic copy of our new 2022 GCA Calendar. Now you can order it.

Thank you to all who submitted entries for inclusion to the 2022 Calendar and congratulations to the successful entries selected.

The 2023 GCA Calendar Competition is now open for submissions and closes 15th February 2022. Submission details below.

The Garden Clubs of Australia 2022 Calendar

The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. (GCA), in conjunction with Bartel Calendars, are pleased to present the normal full size 2022 annual pictorial Calendar featuring a wonderful variety of Australian gardens taken by affiliate members.

The price for the Calendar to affiliated clubs, members and their friends is still $8 and includes GST & postage.

The Calendar includes the Wall Planner to record all important dates.

It’s a perfect gift for friends and family – especially for those living overseas.

Bartel are offering the more streamlined ON-LINE ordering service at bartelcalendarsldc.com.au/gardenclub with an automatic email confirmation of the order (& payment) for each order – regardless of how you pay (credit card or cheque).

People choosing to pay by credit card will use the secure on-line checkout process. Those choosing to pay by cheque will still use the same on-line process and select ‘offline payment’ – then post the cheque to Bartel who will easily match the order to the payment.

This process will decrease the handling and reduce lost or duplicated orders. It also means if people want to place an additional order, they simply place another order on-line.

The GCA Calendar 2022 Order Form link is very user friendly and includes images of the month pages of the Calendar. You can also download the centre spread with the President’s and Our Gardens Magazine Editor’s reports together with the images of the winners of the last 2020 Photographic Competition.

Please email the 3 Calendar images and Order Form link to all your members as some may wish to personally place an order rather than as a combined Club order.

ANYONE can place an order for Calendars, as the box “Garden Club” on the Order Form does not have to be filled in!

Enjoy the Calendar!

Paul Lucas
GCA Calendar Coordinator


Mobile: 0401 033 116

Pictorial Calendar 2023

The GCA 2023 Calendar Submissions

Closing date 15th February 2022.

Entry Form click here

Following the success of the previous GCA Calendars, the GCA 2023 Calendar is to proceed featuring a further series of wonderful Gardens and Flowers etc. taken in Australia.
The success of the Calendar relies on members submitting wonderful images of Australian garden scenes – or flower images etc as small “fillers”.

The simple Rules for Submission of Australian Garden Photos

  3. Only digital images can be submitted in JPEG or RAW format at a minimum 2MB file size for consideration for main Calendar month images. Minimum 500Kb file size images can be sent if you are sending them as “fillers”.
  4. Images must be in landscape format to fit the Calendar layout.
  5. There is no limit to the number of images a member can submit.
  6. Digital Images are to be submitted either:
    – via email to photocomp@gardenclubs.org.au, as attachments to the email. Multiple emails may be used to send a series of large file size images.
    – via USB/CD/DVDs posted to Paul Lucas, 64 Timbertop Drive, Rowville, Vic, 3178.
    USB/CD/DVDs will only be returned if a stamp addressed envelope is included
  7. Each submission must include:
    – the name of the affiliated Garden Club or Group, and State. Or signify you are a Magazine subscriber.
    – the name of the photographer.
    – the name of the Garden and State, if the image is intended for consideration for the Main Calendar Pages. For “fillers” you submit you do not have to name the gardens or flowers.
    – Your signature, to acknowledge that you agree to the conditions on the Entry Form.

Each photo selected for the Main Calendar Pages will attract a non-exclusive copyright fee of $100 paid to the photographer, by Bartel Calendars – refer to the GCA website for copyright details.
There is no payment for images used as small “fillers”, but the photographers name will now be printed with the photo.
Images are destroyed after the completion of the Calendar year to protect the copyright of the photographers.

Enter for your chance to participate in the $1,300 total prize money donated by Bartel Calendars!!

Paul Lucas – GCA Calendar Coordinator
Postal address: 64 Timbertop Drive, Rowville, Vic, 3178
Email: photocomp@gardenclubs.org.au Phone: 0401 033 116

Copyright statement from Bartel Calendars for images selected for the calendar

The photographer owns a copyright to all images submitted. The calendar publisher, Bartel Calendars, purchases the right to use those images chosen to be featured as the main garden pictures for $100 each. The photographer also retains the right to use and publish the image. The copyright purchased by Bartel is unlimited (may be used many times in any Bartel Calendars) but non-exclusive. The photographer retains an equal right. These copyright conditions are part of the rules governing the submission of images. The copyright issue only affects the Publisher, Bartel Calendars, and the photographer. In a legal sense, copyright issues do not involve the owner of the garden featured. Courtesy issues between the photographer and the garden owner are the province of the photographer.