The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc.

The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation formed by Mrs Margaret Davis OBE in 1950. The organisation provides a range of services to its members (affiliated clubs) and currently has a membership in excess of 780 affiliated clubs representing more than 52,000 individuals.

Our motto is: Friendship Through Gardens.”

Our aim is to provide service to you.

Membership Affiliation

Membership (Affiliation) to The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc is available to any garden club or gardening-oriented organisation.

Benefits include an insurance cover. a high quality quarterly magazine, an Awards Scheme, photograph competitions. a calendar as well as information sharing between clubs.

Importantly there is also a network of about 50 Zone coordinators who can provide direct support to clubs.

Aims & Objectives

The primary and major object of The Garden Clubs of Australia is to extend the culture of gardening into the wider community for the benefit of all citizens and, in particular:

  • To promote and encourage various aspects of community based horticulture through the Community, Private and Civic activities.
  • To extend knowledge throughout the community of gardening, horticulture and its uses, and garden design through training, organisation and direct support.
  • To educate the public in the protection and conservation of our natural resources.
  • To contribute to, encourage and participate in activities assisting Botanic Gardens and other like-minded
    horticultural institutions.
  • To develop and co-ordinate the education of members and members of affiliated and kindred organisations through publications, conferences/workshops/seminars, correspondence and association/networking.
  • To co-operate with other agencies to further the interests of horticulture and conservation.
  • To promote and encourage areas of floral art.
  • To encourage assistance to charities and to engage in activities to promote and assist charities either by financial gifts and/or affiliates efforts.
  • To be non-political and non-sectarian in all undertakings.
  • The Garden Clubs of Australia Incorporated motto shall be Friendship Through Gardens.

The Garden Clubs Of Australia Inc. is managed and coordinated by an Honorary Board consisting of 12 volunteers nominated by affiliated clubs and elected at each Annual General Meeting.
The GCA Committee Executive is elected by the GCA Board prior to the AGM.
The board appointments are allocated by the GCA Board President at the first GCA Board meeting after the AGM election.
New GCA Board members can be added during the year should vacancies on the GCA Board occur.

The Garden Clubs of Australia has a network of over 50 Zone Coordinators who provide support to garden clubs, societies and community gardens, They are supported by two Zone Directors who are also board members.

The North East Zones Director organises & manages NSW, ACT and Queensland.
The South West Zones Director brings together Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Each Zone Coordinator has an area or Zone that they manage -assisting with the exchange of information, assisting in the formation of new clubs, helping to arrange information and friendship days, attending club meetings to provide information, or even acting as Returning Officer at an AGM.

This is where it all starts by telephoning 0407 702 879 or emailing the Membership Secretary, Jacqui Bateman.

The Membership Secretary will take you through step by step and will in turn email you a package.
Your Club Secretary can then post in the Form A and Form B to the Membership Secretary.
A Joining Fee, Affiliation and Insurance details will be completed and processed over the next week or so.

GCA Insurance provides a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that will answer wide range of situations for your Garden Club.
Contact our Insurance Officer Eric Bateman email or telephone 0424 430 844, for further information.

The quarterly magazine features articles by well-known garden writers and garden club members. Topics covered include plant cultivation, garden history, flower arranging, book reviews, garden stories, horticultural and your club events.
Judy Horton is the editor of this wonderful gardening magazine, supported by a terrific team.
Go to the OUR GARDENS MAGAZINE web page.

Affiliated club members have a chance to showcase their camera skills.
Generous prizes are on offer from many different categories including a Junior’s Section.
Results and winning photos are published in the GCA’s Our Gardens magazine.
Go to the PHOTO COMPETITION web page.
Photos of our Highly Recommended winners can be also found on this web page

A five-day Convention and AGM is held every two years and provides an opportunity for affiliated club members, friends and families to enjoy socialising and visiting many interesting attractions and education opportunities.
This year from 11-15 September 2022 the GCA Bi-Convention is in Townsville. Click on GCA Convention Flyer A4 2022 Qld Good to Go for more details and plan your terrific trip well in advance. The Townsville & Districts Garden Club Inc are organising a wonderful tropical event and are ready to go.
So it can only get better.

For other enquiries concerning GCA Conventions contact the GCA President Lorraine Emerson.

A yearly calendar is available for purchase.
You can submit a photograph from your Club or a Club member, for possible inclusion.
There are rewards for having your photo selected.
Go to the Calendar Page for more information.

Our GCA Team also presents a Facebook page.
For comments and Garden Club related stories and images click HERE.

Lists Garden Club affiliates of The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. by States and Territories.
Go to the LOCATE A CLUB web page and you will see where other GCA Affiliated Clubs are to be found in your region of Australia..
Further enquiries are through the Membership Secretary Jacqui Bateman by clicking on Jacqui’s email.

GCA Affiliates’ events can be posted to our Diary dates page along with other GCA Affiliated gardening clubs from around Australia.
Go to the DIARY DATES web page.

Updates and information are distributed to your GCA Affiliated Garden Club via the email provided, or for the latest go to the Bulletin Page or email our Communications Officer, Lynn Faux .

Our Publicity Officer can offer assistance on all things promoting our GCA Affiliates by email

Affiliate’s members make incredible contributions to their club activities and the local community.
Our awards scheme acknowledges those who have contributed to gardening within our diverse Australian gardening community.
You can obtain the 2021 Anne Williams Clark Medallion Nomination Form to recognise a very valuable member of your GCA Affiliated Club.
Go to the AWARDS web page to see much more.

We have a range of training packages to assist clubs with changing governance, committees and technology.


The GCA Committee approved the Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023, a component of that plan was a “Gardening Readings” service.  They will be circulated to Affiliated Clubs across Australia (Largely those without Zone Coordinators). Our Affiliated Clubs are encouraged to distribute these Garden Readings to their respective members via email.
However, the Clubs can encourage their members to read and/or download these garden resource documents from the website as listed below.
These Garden Readings are compiled by our Vice President, John Kitt, from various resources he has at his disposal.
Click here to follow the Link.