The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation that provides a range of services to our Affiliated Members with a current membership of 720 affiliated clubs representing more than 45,000 individuals.

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The Garden Clubs of Australia’s 2021 Annual General Meeting is to be held in Townsville, North Queensland 12-17 September 2021.

George Hoad is currently in Townsville observing the proposed venue and program. The thoroughness and planning by the Townsville Garden Club will make the GCA Convention an exciting and wonderful experience as the past two GCA Conventions in 2017 and 2019 have been.

Attention All Secretaries

Ten GCA Documents are now available for your immediate use and distribution to your respective organisations:

  3.  2020 Schedule
  4.   2020 Form 1 – Reaffiliation
  5.   2020 Form 2 Insurance 2020_2021
  6.   2020 Form 3 – Our Gardens Magazine
  7.   2020 Form 4 – Reaffiliation
  8.   BULLETIN August 2019
  9.   Privacy Letter Locate a Club
  10.  THE GARDEN CLUBS OF AUSTRALIA Zone Coordinators February 2020

Insurance Update the 2020 Form 2 Insurance can be downloaded by Clicking Here

GCA Insurance has its own page on our Main Menu.
The will provide you with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that will provide you with wide range of answers to your queries.
There is, further down the details of our very well informed Insurance Officer, David Gemmell, and a list of documents that you need to know about.
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Special Notices

Message to all Affiliates of The Garden Clubs of Australia

Dear Gardeners,

A number of clubs have contacted us regarding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular – should clubs hold regular monthly meetings. We have been informed that many clubs and regions have already cancelled meetings and zone get togethers.

The only reasonable advice we can offer at this time is for club executives and members to be aware and informed of the latest advice coming out from the government and health officials – this of course is being renewed on a daily basis.

The GCA is not equipped to offer any firm advice on such an important matter as the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that it seems to adversely affect the older folk, in particular those with existing health concerns and as most will be aware, the majority of our affiliates fall into the older age category.

We have seen numerous major gardening events and other high-profile events across the country cancelled and/or postponed. The GCA Committee is discussing the holding of our next few meetings via electronic media to reduce the risk to members.

The gardening community is a strong and resilient group and one would hope that all the health benefits we derive from our pleasurable pastime will hold us in good stead.

Be sensible, stay safe and our thoughts are with you during this very trying time.

George Hoad


We’re thinking of you.

Many garden club members lost all or part of their gardens in the spring and summer bushfires. We can only imagine how devastating it must be to see years of growth and work destroyed and every gardener will understand and empathise with how they must feel about their losses.
The Garden Clubs of Australia’s President George Hoad would like to write to fire-affected gardeners to extend our sympathy and best wishes to garden club members whose gardens have been directly affected by the fires. And Mr Fothergills’ Seed has kindly donated packets of mixed flower seeds to be sent with the letter.
Zone Coordinators are asked to contact Director of Zones Glenys Bruun Email and arrange for the GCA President to write to fire-affected gardeners and pass on the seeds, together with the thoughts and best wishes of garden club members around Australia.

NAMBOUR GARDEN CLUB Due to the precautions being taken to limit the spread of Covid-19, Nambour Garden Club meetings are suspended until further notice. In the interim please feel free to contact Karel on 0490 415 067. Kind regards Kate Ganley, Publicity

The Rutherglen & District Garden Club regrets to advise that its Annual Autumn Flower Show for 2020 which was to be held on 29th March 2020 has been cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns. The advertised raffle will be drawn during the Club’s function “Gardens Round the Glen” to be held later in the year.  If you have bought a ticket in the raffle and do not wish to wait until the new date please contact the Show Secretary on 0427 540 830 for a refund. We will be back next year with a wonderful show.  See you then. Contact Mavis Ohlson Email

The Garden Clubs of Australia’s 2020 Photo Competition

Until further notice, please direct your entries to this EMAIL address

GCA Facebook

Australian Gardening organisations are always active and well. Lots of interest created for their members, Community gardens growing vegetables and whatnot, reaping the rewards everyday. Children actively involved with planting, maintaining, admiring and using what they grow. Clubs arranging interesting visits and programmes for their members who happily participate and contribute preparing, growing for displays, attending Fairs to meet and greet friends and exchange information, knowledge and news.

The GCA is achieving this as well by providing a wonderful Insurance cover so that everyone can go about their business knowing that all individual members and the gardening organisations have them covered.

Our Facebook is a terrific way to post the activities and you can visit and like the news and information that can be posted there. For instance below is a link to the Facebook ‘Club Activity’ group which you are most welcome to share your clubs activities including this one. It all helps to get the word out. If there is anything else that can be done for you, contact us by clicking this email link.

Have a fabulous time with your gardening organisation so have a look on our Facebook.


The 2021 Garden Clubs of Australia Convention

The venue in 2021 is Townsville 11 – 17 September 2021 and details will be posted on this page so keep checking for what will be an exciting and wonderful destination for members of GCA Affiliated Clubs.


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Secretaries of Affiliated Member Clubs

It is advised to contact our Membership Secretary for any changes to your Clubs details and/or Contact details.
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Next The Garden Clubs of Australia Committee Meeting

1. The next GCA Committee Meeting is on Monday 20th April 2020 commencing at 9.30am. The venue is the 2nd Floor of the York Club, 99 York Street, Sydney.

2. For further details email the GCA Secretary.